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About Me

My Biography

I was born in Richmond, B.C and till this day, is still considered my home.  Ever since graduating from Vancouver College, my professional history has revolved around working with people.  After working in guest relations in Cineplex entertainment, my first experience in sales was in 2001 where I became a communications specialist with Rogers Wireless.  My experience with Rogers Wireless educated me on communications technology, and its revolving impact in the world of business.  For 6 years, I acted as a consultant, a sales representative and a client relations representative for the company.  It was one day, a mortgage specialist that I was helping told me that I was "doing the wrong thing.'  It was only a matter of time that a manager of a Real Estate brokerage gave me a call, which lead me to my career choice today.  

In 2006, I started my Real Estate career specializing in residential properties in the Greater Vancouver area.  I take pride in educating my clients and taking the time to explain the home buying process to its entirety and how to sell a home with efficiency and ease.  Over the years, I have researched marketing techniques that helped my personal marketing campaigns to be more effective, which in turn has helped many of my clients get into new homes.  

In 2014, I joined Sutton Group - Seafair Realty.  As a Canadian established company, the Sutton Group brand has grown coast to coast to be the most recognizable name in Canadian Real Estate.  Sutton Group Seafair is a company that not only provides excellence in Real Estate, but is a major contributor to the Richmond community, its charities, and its annual celebrations.

My Philosophy

Real Estate in Canada has existed since 1888, more than a hundred years ago.  With the industry rapidly changing along with technology, it has allowed the Real Estate industry to be more efficient than ever imagined.  We are able to market homes without newspapers, and are able to write contracts without paper.  

The need for Real Estate agents starts and ends with service.  As refined as technology is today, it can never replace the aspect of service and representation that has traditionally been the trademark of Real Estate since 1888.    

As a dedicated professional, my main goal is to provide a service-oriented Real Estate experience to my clients.  I believe that the service involved in traditional Real Estate should be practiced by being physically present to each and every appointment that requires my expertise.  Traditional Real Estate service builds relationships, and ensures peace of mind.